ROYCES BIG WALK 2024 – Details Coming Soon


When Penrith Panthers’ rugby league legend Royce Simmons disclosed in January 2022 that, at age 61, he had been diagnosed with dementia the previous year, many were in shock.

Typically, the former Kangaroos hooker immediately set about not only exploring what he required to do to slow the dreaded condition’s progress, his thoughts turned to assisting others who were affected by the disease – not just sufferers but their supporting families too.

Within months, Royce’s Big Walk (a registered charity foundation)  as a reality and the support he has received by not just many VIPs of rugby league, but the Penrith district’s community and beyond has been extraordinary.

The tough-as-nails former Panthers skipper is tackling his Alzheimer’s diagnosis just as he would any other opponent on the footy field – head on and with the benefit of his ‘team’ and their supporters as his major priority.

Royce Simmons talks the the media at his press conference